“My dream of making traditional pasta in Australia was finally accomplished in 1997 with the birth of Da Vinci.

I recognised that traditional pasta was fast being forgotten in favour of fast manufacturing technologies that changed many of its quality attributes and took away all the traditional aspects which I so dearly remember as a child in Italy. I began with a small machine and lots of love…but found that the machines didn’t make pasta like it used to be so I decided to try and modify the machines…and it worked. I was able to reproduce the traditional pasta makers hand movement and the hand rolling of the dough.

As my company expanded, I made sure that we continued to preserve the genuine artisan approach, and still today, I modify all the machines to reproduce the traditional Italian pasta makers.

Today, we have 3 generations of the family actively involved in the company and continue to use the same traditional manufacturing process.”


Giovanni Di Sebastiano

Founder and Master Pasta Maker

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